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A freelance writer, sales consultant and branding manager, Lakeia Brown wears many hats. It just depends on which one looks better with heels. Lakeia believes in the power of storytelling, whether she’s sharing with a reader or a consumer. “Just make sure the story is compelling and based in human connectedness,” she says. Over the past 15 years, Lakeia has worked in advertising, providing consumer insights and analytics for television networks like ABC, Comedy Central, Nick @ Nite, TV Land, BET and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim.  As a writer, she has penned countless articles for publications and websites including, O, The Oprah Magazine, Complex, The Recording Academy (Grammy’s), The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Root, and Essence (she interviewed the incomparable Maya Angelou for the latter!).

A Morgan State University alumni, Lakeia is also the host of the popular podcast, Decoded With Elle Bee. Her candid conversations with influential thought leaders in entertainment, the private sector and spiritual world help awaken the dreamer, silence the inner critic and challenge limiting belief systems. New episodes drop every other Wednesday on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.



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